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Sep 16, 2013

1965-66 Mustang Outside Mirrors

1965-66 Mustang Standard Outside Round Head Mirror.

These certainly aren't new parts, but they are worth mentioning.  The standard mirror for a 1965 and 1966 Mustang was a round head chrome mirror that fits on the LH (driver's) side door.

We have an absolutely super reproduction of this part.  It's made in the USA and comes complete with the pad (gasket) and mounting screws.  This is an exceptionally nice part.  It's much better than any NOS Ford mirror of the same version that I have ever seen.  I would certainly use this over an NOS mirror, even on the highest level restoration.

Our part number is ER-198.  It's also available with a convex glass to use on the RH (passenger's) side door as part number ER-1981.  You can certainly use the ER-1981 on the LH side also if you wish.

By the way, we also carry an imported version of this reproduction for the more budget-minded restoration. It's our part number ER-710.

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