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Jan 14, 2013

Just the Details...Sealer (Undercoating) for your Mustang Restoration

Lord Fusor # 805 Sprayable Seam Sealer applied with the proper gun duplicates the original sealer.

As we publish all of these images of Mustang restorations, we get a ton of questions.  We don't mind!  Keep them coming!  Anyway, one of the common questions concerns the duplication of the sealer that is found in the front and rear wheel areas and the inside of the rear quarter panels.

Jeremy at Maple Hill Restorations ( shared his expertise by showing us what material he uses and the gun that is used to spray it.  As shown, he currently uses the Lord Fusor product # 805.  This material must to applied with the special spray guy shown above.

This is the result sprayed and then painted on the inside of the Mustang rear quarter panel.

This is the result sprayed and then painted on the inside of the Mustang rear wheel well area.


James Bondo said...

Excellent info! Was the sealer used in the front fender also? If you have a pic of that too would be sweet.

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

Thanks for the comment.

The same sprayable seam sealer will be used for the front fender area also. This was originally applied after the fender and splash shield installation, so it will done a bit later in the assembly process.

I'll definitely post photos when that is done.