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Jan 11, 2013

Just the Details...1965 Mustang Convertible Restoration

1965 Mustang Convertible.  Twilight Turquoise.

We have some more images of Jeremy Turner's ( 1965 Mustang Convertible.  Wow!  When it starts coming together like this, it makes all that work worth it!

The detailed brake and clutch pedal assembly looks great with the proper detail.

Nothing is being overlooked.  Jeremy even found an older NOS Brake Light Switch with the over FoMoCo script for the Mustang.

The original master cylinder has been restored and is being used.

Detail on the master cylinder showing the date.

Some under hood / engine compartment pieces have been installed on this 6 cylinder Mustang.

More incredible detail on the Mustang drum brake master cylinder.  Jeremy duplicated the original paint procedure detail with the plugs in the holes and the cap on when the master cylinder was painted black.

Original cooper master cylinder cap as originally installed on this Mustang was used.

More Mustang Brake Master Cylinder Detail.

Starter Solenoid and some wiring is now installed on the Mustang.

The original detail on the Mustang idler arm has been masterfully duplicated here.

More Mustang Wiring detail along with the hole used for the factory air conditioning.

Just some more amazing detail on this Mustang!

A look at the Mustang Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly from under the dash.

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