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Nov 28, 2012

New! High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange Book

High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange Book
This is a great new book that just arrived.  It is the High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange Book.  Our part number is LT-185.  Lots of part and casting identification numbers are listed to make this a very handy reference book.

There is a lot of information packed into this great book.  Let's take a look at the chapters:
Chapter 1:   General Data and Specifications
Chapter 2:   Cylinder Block
Chapter 3:   Rotating Assembly
Chapter 4:   Oiling System
Chapter 5:   Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain
Chapter 6:   Induction System
Chapter 7:   Ignition, Starting and Charging System
Chapter 8:   Exhaust System
Chapter 9:   Cooling System
Chapter 10:  Big-Block General Data and Specifications

Chapter 11:   Cylinder Block
Chapter 12:   Rotating Assembly
Chapter 13:   Oiling System
Chapter 14:   Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain
Chapter 15:   Induction System
Chapter 16:   Ignition, Starting and Charging System
Chapter 17:   Exhaust System
Chapter 18:   Cooling System

Here is the description from the publisher:

If there is one thing Ford Enthusiasts have learned over the years, deciphering which parts work with which engines is a far more difficult task with Fords than with many other engine families. Will Cleveland heads fit on my Windsor block? What is the difference between the two distinct families of big-blocks? What heads are available for use on my small block? Can I gain compression by using older model cylinder heads? Which pulleys should I be able to use on my engine swap? These are just a few examples of common questions Ford fans have. These, and many other questions are examined in this all-new color update of a perennial best-seller.

Thoroughly researched, High-Performance Ford Parts Interchange includes critical information on Ford's greatest V-8 engines and goes into great detail on the highly desirable high-performance hardware produced throughout the '60s ,'70s and '80s. By combining some of the best parts from various years, some great performance potential can be unlocked in ways Ford never offered to the general public. Following the advice in High Performance Ford Parts Interchange, these engine combinations can become reality. You will find valuable information on cranks, blocks, heads, cams, pulleys, intakes, rods, pistons, and even accessories to guide you through your project.

Author George Reid has once again done extensive research to accurately deliver a thorough and complete collection of Ford V-8 information in this revised edition. Knowing what internal factory engine parts can be used across the wide range of production Ford powerplants is invaluable to the hot rodder and swap meet/Ebay shopper. A must-have for every Ford enthusiasts library.

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