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Apr 6, 2012

Just the Details...Early Mustang Trunk Boards

Early style trunk board in a June 1964 Dearborn built Mustang coupe.

 OK, just when you thought my Mustang "Just the Details..." posts could not get any geekier, Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration comes up with this little observation.  There was actually a difference between the 64 1/2-early 65 Mustang trunk boards and the later ones.  As you can see in the images posted here, the earlier version is cut differently at the wheel house area.

It appears that the change was probably made to the larger notch to allow the trunk board to be installed a bit more easily.

The Mustang Trunk Board at the top of the image is the later style.  Note the larger "notch."

By the way, when we started looking at more original 65-66 Mustang trunk boards, we looked to see if they were cut so the rough side or the smooth side was up.  It seems that this is very random...some are cut so the rough side faces up, some are cut so the smooth side faces up.

The 64 1/2-early 65 Mustang Trunk Board has the smaller cut out/notch.


Steph said...

Hey guys, I found this link while looking on Google for the screw down style 1967 filler board. The repro's are the later cardboard style with the fold down tabs. Do you have pics or an indication of when they changed?

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

Sorry, we do not.