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Thursday, March 1, 2012

1965-66 GT350 Shelby Mustang Sway Bar Bushings - Now Available!

1965 and 1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang One Inch Sway Bar Rubber Bushings (Insulators) are now available.  The original Ford Part number on this part is C0AA-5493-A.

We are very excited to announce the availability of the one inch sway bar bushings (insulators) for the 1965 and 1966 Shelby Mustang.  These rubber bushings are a Virginia Classic Mustang exclusive.

I've just noticed some NOS bushings selling for over $200.00 a pair, and I really wanted to see some nice and correct bushings available for these cars at a reasonable price.

I could not be more pleased with how they turned out.  It is virtually impossible to tell these from the originals or an NOS Ford Part.

They were made using an original sample, the original Ford Blue Prints, and an NOS sample of the original part number, C0AA-5493-A.

Order Part number SU-321.  They are only $22.95 a pair.

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