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Mar 5, 2012

1964 1/2 Mustang HiPo Coupe

1964 1/2 289 High Performance Mustang Coupe.  The light really plays games with that Poppy Red paint, so you really need to see the car in person to get a real feel for the color.  Even in this picture though, you can spot the slight difference in the color of the paint between the door and the fender.  Both have original paint, but the fenders were painted separately from the body, and this caused a slight difference.

 We mentioned this Mustang in a few other Blog posts, and we wanted to post a few pictures of the car today.  We will have many more posts in the future about specific areas and details on this particular Mustang.

1964 1/2 289 High Performance Mustang Coupe. You can see that the original paint is a bit thin on the top edge of the LH front fender, but it shines really well for being almost 48 years old.
It is a '64 1/2 Mustang Coupe with the K Code 289 High Performance package.  It was scheduled to be built around the first day of regular production for the HiPo Mustangs, which was June 8, 1964.  As in other cases that I have observed, this Mustang obviously was not built on or around this day.  Many of the date codes on the sheet metal are later in the month.  One of the doors is even dated June 25th.

1964 1/2 289 High Performance Mustang Coupe.  Many of the early '65 Mustangs did not originally have outside mirrors installed on the production line.  This particular car did not, and a Talbot racing mirror was installed at the dealer when the car was new back in 1964.

This Mustang features its original 5 Bolt, VIN stamped engine along with its VIN stamped close ratio Toploader 4 speed transmission.  Amazingly enough, it still sports all of the original Poppy Red paint.  It also still has the original exhaust system, including 6 64 (June 1964) dated resonators and muffler.  All this, along with the fact that it is a rust free California car, makes it extremely valuable to a geek like me in researching these Mustangs.

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Rod said...

Wow! You know we are going to need lots of pictures now don't you? :-)