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Dec 5, 2011

Mustang Window Regulators

1964 1/2-65 Mustang Window Regulator.  This is the early style for the clip-on style window handle.

All Mustang parts are not created equal.  1965-66 Mustang window regulators are an excellent example of this.  I'm not sure how many different brands of '65 and '66 Mustang window regulators are on the market now, but I want to tell you a bit about the ones we handle.

The window regulators that we handle are made by Scott Drake Mustang Parts.  They feature really nice plating, but they are more than just about good looks.  They are constructed of thick metal like the originals and feature heavy duty gears and a high tension spring for great operation.  The shaft has the proper splines and groove for the proper fit of the window handle.  A heavy duty rivet holds the arm onto the main body.

They are available in two styles, just like the originals:  The early style 1964 1/2-65  for the clip on type window handle (our part number IN-108R and IN-108L) and the style for the 1965-66 screw on style window handle (our part number IN-109L and IN-109R.)

1965-66 Mustang Window Regulator.  This is the style for the screw on style window handle.

It is not always a great idea to just search for the best prices on Classic Mustang parts, because there are often differences in quality among the various brands.  If you ever have any questions about any of our parts, please contact us.

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