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Dec 14, 2011

Just the Details...More Mustang Date Codes

This early timing cover from a 289 Ford Engine is for an aluminum water pump.  Note the date coding.  The "65" is, of course, the year, and the 5 "dots" represent the months.  In this case, it is May.
Last week, we took a look at some date code stampings and castings on a 289 Engine.  Today, we will take a quick look at some date coding that you may find on some 65-66 Mustang (and other Ford) cast aluminum parts.  This method is usually a year code along with a series of dots to represent the number of months.

This cast aluminum bellhousing from a 1965 Mustang has the same style date coding as the timing cover in the image above.

Here is another example.  This time it is a cast aluminum thermostat housing from a 289.

Here is a different "twist" on the date format showing "tick marks" rather than dots.


Bill Cabaniss said...

The SHEFFIELD insignia is from the sheffield , alabama ford aluminum casting plant. I worked there from the mid 70's till the early 80's. On the bell housing, to the right of the sheffield is the #1. That should indicate that the part was made on the first shift, which was midnight till 8 a.m.. The timing cover had a#3 by it, which should indicate it was made on 3rd shift which was from 4p.m. till midnight.

Virginia Classic Mustang Inc said...

Thanks for the great information! ..and thanks for reading the Blog!