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Oct 21, 2011

65 Mustang Fuel Pump Filter Canister

1965 Mustang Fuel Pump Filter Canister.  Correct white with red FoMoCo Logo silkscreen just like the original.  Very nice part!

We have been waiting on this part for a long time!  We now have (due in around the first part of November 2011) the 1965 Mustang Fuel Pump Filter Canister.  This fuel filter canister is made just like the original and screws on the '65 style fuel pump.

It is white with the correct ribbing and indentations on the bottom.  It also features the the correct "FoMoCo Genuine Parts" logo along with the wording "For Service Instructions See Owners Manual."  This information is silkscreened on the canister in red, just like the original.  It is not a decal!

The little stars are even screened like the original above the FoMoCo logo.

There was a reproduction of this part available many years ago, and it has not been available for a long time.  This new one is even nicer with all of the correct details mentioned above.

The first run is limited, so order now!  Our part number is ER334.  We are really excited to have this part available!

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