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May 21, 2008

Mustang Cowl Area Rust

The poor design of the cowl area in a Mustang just did not allow for proper drainage. Consequently, this area is very susceptible to rust. Fortunately, the parts are available to repair this rust. Unfortunately, it is not an easy job.
Here are some pictures of our 1965 HiPo Convertible. It's hard to believe that this area was not taken care of over 25 years ago during the car's first restoration. Anyway, we are doing it now. The pictures you see show the fenders removed and the area under the fender/near the cowl cut out for access to the cowl area. We will be repairing the driver's side with our SM-136L Left Hand Inner Cowl Patch. The passenger's side is okay. The pits will be repaired on this side and re-finished. After the sheet metal is welded in and finished (lots of time and work), it will be impossible to tell that a repair has been made.
Other alternatives to a rusty cowl area are our Cowl Covers for 1965-66 and 1967-68 - not really a repair, but they keep the water out. For a quick and easy patch, we have the IN531 Plastic Repair Collars. We also now have the complete Cowl for the 1965-66, when it is not on backorder from the manufacturer. For other models, there are the 1967-68 Upper and Lower Pieces and the 1969-70 Lower piece.


Anonymous said...

Could you post some more pictures of this repair? These are very good. Im unclear though. Did you actually replace that driver's side sheet metl without removing the top? More details plese. Thanks.

Virginia Classic Mustang said...

The sheet metal has not been replaced yet. We will post pictures when the repair is made. At the time of repair, it will be determined exactly how to proceed with the repair. Please stay tuned... Sorry, we don't have more details at this time. Hopefully, you will see more soon.