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May 14, 2008

Mustang AM-FM Radios

One of the rarest options for a 1966 Mustang was the AM-FM Radio. I believe that the first one that I purchased about 20 years ago was around $450.00. Recently, they have brought way more than that. Of course, now there is the nice reproduction available at a reasonable price.

This post is more about a very unusual AM-FM Radio that I purchased a long, long time ago. All of the original units that everyone is familiar with had "FORD" engraved on the slide bar. Well, I have a radio that actually has "MUSTANG" on the slide bar. I've shown the pictures to many people, but no one seems to have ever seen one like it or know the story behind it.

It is a very early unit with a March 5, 1965 stamping. It also appears to have originally had a black painted chassis. Here are some pictures of the radio along with some pictures of a "regular" AM-FM with the FORD on the slide bar.

The below pictures show the "MUSTANG" Slide Bar with the more polished or rounded edges.

This picture shows the "sharper" edges of the FORD slide bar.

The FORD Slide Bar also has a deeper engraving than the MUSTANG one.

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