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Dec 18, 2017

New Autolite Battery Toppers are Here!

Autolite Battery Cover Topper
©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc
Our new, Autolite battery covers are really nice! If you want to use a "regular" battery, but want an original look, these are perfect! They are injection molded with nicely painted details and decals. They even feature molded-in color removable caps.

Once they are installed in a car, these covers look quite authentic.

We now have two versions - one with the red painted lettering and caps, and one with the yellow caps.

Autolite Battery Cover Topper
©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

Here are the links:

The most common question that we get is "what battery should I use?" It's a great question, because it has to be a battery with a flat top, so the cover will fit nicely. The other factor to consider for '65 and '66 Mustangs is the battery clamp mounting tab on the battery case. Many aftermarket batteries are designed for top clamps only and do not have this mounting tab.

We recently had to purchase a new battery for our driver '66 GT350 Shelby and found the perfect battery for our new Autolite battery topper. We are using an Exide Battery. These are sold by Tractor Supply stores here on the east coast, and we understand that Home Depot handles them also.

The size that you want is Group 24F. There are several "grades" of the same size. They all use the same case, so any one you choose will be fine. We used the 24FS. The case is black and the decal easily peeled off. There is no need to "extend" the terminals on top and the 65-66 battery clamp holds the battery secure exactly like the original.
This is a great Group 24F size battery for our Autolite Battery Cover Topper
©Virginia Classic Mustang Inc

If you prefer, we still have brand new, complete, AGM Autolite batteries. You can check them out by clicking on this link.

We also still have our "economy" Autolite battery topper available. It is a completely molded part in that the caps are not removable. The caps are also painted, rather than molded in color.

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