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Jan 26, 2016

Autolite Distributor Caps are back!

Ford Autolite Distributor Cap
We are excited to announce that we now have an exact reproduction of the Autolite Distributor Cap in stock! There were at least two different reproductions available several years ago, but both have been discontinued for a while now.

These new reproductions are made from brand new tooling. There were two different versions of assembly line caps, and both of them have been accurately reproduced. In both cases, the Autolite markings were digitally copied from original samples and laser engraved in molds for super correct copies.

There are two versions offered. The 67-Early 68 version features smaller and more narrow lettering. The Late 68-71 version has a bit taller and wider lettering.

Here are links to both versions:

EG-401    67-Early 68 Ford Autolite Distributor Cap

EG-4011  Late 68-71 Ford Autolite Distributor Cap
Ford Autolite Distributor Cap

Ford Autolite Distributor Cap

Ford Autolite Distributor Cap

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