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Apr 8, 2015

Paint for your Mustang

Paint for your Mustang

When restoring your Mustang, you always want to get that right "look".  A huge part of this "look" involves the use of the proper color and glosses of various components on the car that need painting.

We have a wide variety of paints available.  We have carefully chosen the paints listed here so these original finishes can be duplicated.

Although they are commonly referred to as Engine Paints, these paints provide a durable and correct finish for many other engine components, brackets, rear end housings, air cleaners, valve covers, fender aprons, suspension parts, and more!

Our black paint has been chosen due to its gloss level, which is a semi-gloss and duplicates the original black paint used on many parts and components.  Our part number is KR-1612.  Click here to order and/or read more.

Paint for your Mustang

We tested every brand of Blue Ford engine paint that we could get our hands on before selecting this one.  We sprayed tons of test panels matching them up to original air cleaners and valve covers.  We ended up choosing this one, and the color looks great!  Our part number is KR-1923.  Click here to order and/or read more.

Paint for your Mustang

We also have a gold engine paint for those '65 Mustang valve covers and air cleaners.  Our part number is KR-1705.  Click here to order and/or read more.

Paint for your Mustang

Lots of parts on our Mustangs were original left in bare steel.  Obviously, if restored back this way, they will rust.  A great alternative is to use our natural finish paint.  Our part number is KR-30.  Click here to order and/or read more.  Also see our high temperature version of this paint by clicking here.

These are just a few examples of the paint available.  For the entire selection, please click here.

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