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Oct 3, 2014

Just the Details...1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 Restoration 6S933

The original Front Coil Springs from the '66 Shelby were restored to their original finish with paint markings.

Jeremy at Maple Hill Restoration continues to work on the components of the 1966 Shelby that he is restoring for a customer.  Check out our last Blog Post if you missed it.  He does some amazing work.

Today, we will look at the finished coil springs (check the picture above!), the air vent assembly, leaf springs and some other parts.

Again, this was a nice and complete car to start with.  That fact makes some issues easier to deal with.  For example, most all of the parts were cleaned to reveal their original finishes and paint markings.  These are documented and then duplicated.

'66 Shelby RH Air Vent Assembly.
As mentioned, lots of the parts are in excellent shape.  The RH air vent assembly was no exception. It still needed to be cleaned, prepped, and refinished to "match" the rest of the car as it will be completely restored also.
'66 Shelby RH Air Vent Assembly.

'66 Shelby RH Air Vent Assembly.
'66 Shelby Front Disc Brake Caliper Brackets
All of the suspension parts were also cleaned, prepped and refinished on the '66 Shelby.  This included the front disc brake caliper bracket pictured above, and the front strut rods and associated parts as pictured below.
'66 Shelby Strut Rods, bushings, washers, nuts, and stops.

'66 Shelby Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly
 Here's the before and after shot of the brake and clutch pedal assembly on the '66 Shelby.  Nice!

'66 Shelby Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly

'66 Shelby restored Fan Shroud Brackets with hardware.
 The fan shroud brackets with their hardware look great!

'66 Shelby restored Transmission Mount
The original transmission mount for the Shelby was in fantastic shape and was restored and will be reused.
'66 Shelby restored Fan Shroud
The original fan shroud was also in very nice condition.  Now it's painted and ready to go back on the Shelby when needed.

'66 Shelby restored Rear Leaf Springs
The Shelby still retains its original rear leaf springs with the correct part numbers and dates.  It's interesting to note that one side used paint "splotches" for identification and the other side used "stripes".  They are now ready to be installed.

'66 Shelby restored Idler Arm Bracket
 The paint markings found on the Shelby's original idler arm were also duplicated as shown above.

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