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Sep 26, 2014

Just the Details...1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 Restoration 6S933

Original Export Brace from '66 Shelby.

Check out our last Blog Post about '66 Shelby # 6S933.  The restoration is being performed by Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration.  This Shelby is super nice, straight, and complete, so the restoration will be a bit easier than others.

Today, we will look at some component restoration.  As mentioned, everything is nice as you can see in the pictures.  The unique Shelby Export Brace, shock tower caps (with washers), Monte Carlo bar, outer shock tower covers, fan shroud, sway bar, traction bars and brackets, rear leaf springs, etc. were prepped and cleaned for refinishing.

Original top front shock tower caps with washers from '66 Shelby.

Original Monte Carlo Bar from '66 Shelby.

Front coil spring outer covers.

Original Fan Shroud with rubber pad from '66 Shelby.

The fan shroud is original and still has its original rubber pad.  Fan shrouds were originally intstalled on all Mustangs with air conditioning or 289 High Performance engines.

Original Fan Shroud with rubber pad from '66 Shelby.

Transmission crossmember from '66 Shelby.

Front sway bar from '66 Shelby.

The front sway bar is a special one inch unit that was installed by Shelby American.  It was originally painted black.

Original Rear Traction Bar Bracket from '66 Shelby.

This Shelby received the under ride traction bars.  The '65s and early '66 cars received over ride traction bars.  This traction bar bracket was carefully cleaned to reveal its original black paint, and then it was prepped and repainted.

'66 Shelby parts prepped for painting.

The Shelby parts were cleaned to reveal their original paint, then glassbeaded, cleaned, epoxy primed, and refinished.

Rear Leaf Spring from the Shelby showing the number and date.
The original rear leaf springs on the Shelby are in super condition.  This image shows the the original Ford number along with the date of 345.  That's the 345th day of 1965 - December 11, 1965.

Cleaning reveals the original yellow and green markings.  They are stripes in this case.  Sometimes "botches" are used.

The Shelby's leaf springs still have the original paint markings.

The Shelby's front coil springs still have the original paint markings.

Cleaning of the Shelby's original front coil springs revealed the original brownish red paint markings.

Outer shock tower covers painted and ready to go.

Here are a few of the parts after refinishing.

Export Brace and Monte Carlo Bar painted and ready to go.

Rear traction bar brackets painted and ready to go.

Shelby one inch front sway bar painted and ready to go.

Crossmember under engine painted and ready to go.

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