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Sep 14, 2012

Just the Details...1965 Mustang Convertible Restoration

The body on the 65 Mustang Convertible has been prepared for paint.  Here the car is still taped up after painting the interior floors Twilight Turquoise body color.

Jeremy Turner at Maple Hill Restoration continues work on his 1965 Mustang Convertible.  This is a cool car as it will be equipped with a 6 cylinder engine, the rare Dagenham 4 Speed transmission, air conditioning and a Rally-Pac.  It will be painted Twilight Turquoise with a white with black appointments interior and a white convertible top.  It will be a beautiful Mustang.

As with all of Jeremy's restorations, the detail on this Mustang is amazing.  Enjoy the pictures showing the beginning of the paint process.

Interior Floor of 65 Mustang Convertible painted body color.

Bottom of the Mustang floor is prepped for paint.

Jeremy did a great job duplicating the factory drips on the bottom of the Mustang convertible floor.

Here is a shot of the Mustang convertible on the rotisserie.

Here is a shot of the holes that were drilled in the inner rocker and seat riser pan.  These access holes enabled Jeremy to clean out these "inside" areas on the Mustang.  He then primed and painted these areas.

Strut rod brace.  You will note that the stamped date is not primed, so it is readable and not filled with primer and paint when the painting is completed.

Here the dash of the Mustang has been painted.  Note that the correct overspray pattern (even though not visible once put together) has been duplicated.

Check out the great detail behind the Mustang dash.

Check out the great detail behind the Mustang dash.
1965 Mustang Convertible on the rotisserie.

Here the interior color has been applied to the door of the Mustang.

Interior Rear Quarter Trim pieces on the Mustang have been painted the factory White interior color.

The hood for the Mustang Convertible is prepped for paint.

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