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Nov 23, 2011

1965 Mustang Disc Brake Pedal Pad

Early Style Mustang Disc Brake Pedal Pad.  Note lack of groove for stainless steel trim.

We have been waiting on this one quite some time.  It is the Rubber Pedal Pad for the '65 Mustang and GT350 Shelby.  This is the one with the "DISC BRAKE" designation.  It is also the earlier version without the groove around the outer edge for the stainless steel trim that was used on the pads on Pony (or Deluxe) interior equipped Mustangs.

I've done a lot of research to try to determine how long these early style disc brake pedal pads were used on the Mustangs.  Frankly, what I have observed was pretty surprising.  I have found these early style brake and clutch pedal pads on '65 Mustangs built up to July of 1965.  That is very near the end of the 1965 Mustang production.

These observations have been mainly on 1965 and early 1966 (Carryover) GT350 Shelbys.  All of these cars were built in the San Jose Ford assembly plant.

This is a rather difficult item to research, because many pads have been replaced on cars over the years.  If they were replaced, they were always replaced with the later style disc brake pedal pad with the groove around the outer edge.  In over 30 years of selling parts, I've never had a brand new Ford early style disc brake pedal pad.

Early (one of the first 100 or so) 1965 GT350 with early style Disc Brake Pedal Pad and Early Style Accelerator Pedal Pad.  Sorry, the Clutch Pedal Pad is missing on this particular car.
Second Batch 1965 GT350 with early style Disc Brake Pedal Pad, early Clutch Pedal Pad and Later Style (with groove) Accelerator Pedal Pad.  These cars were built around the end of Feb. 1965.

Another interesting observation is the fact that the accelerator pedals on the some of the same cars with the early brake and clutch pads are the later style accelerator pedal with the groove.  Speaking only from observations of '65 GT350's, the first batch of about 100 or so cars (built by Ford around Dec. of  '64) have all of the early pedal pads, including the accelerator pedals.  The GT350's built after this appear to have the early clutch and disc brake pedal pads but the later accelerator pedals.

I'm certainly interested in any observations that our readers have.

Oh, by the way, here are some part numbers:

BK-1611  Early Mustang Std. Trans. Disc Brake Pedal Pad without groove
BK-1701  Early Mustang Std. Trans. Clutch Pedal Pad without groove

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