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Sep 30, 2011

1966 GT350 Shelby Mustang Restoration Project

Here are a few more images of our carryover GT350 Restoration Project - SFM6S033.  Pretty much all of the glassbeading has been done, and it has been sprayed with a transparent primer to prevent rusting while the body work is done.

PPG DX1791 Acid Etch Primer was used on bare metal to protect it while other body work is being done.  It is transparent allowing you to see everything plus you can weld over it.

This area was taped up just so we still had a patch of the original pink/salmon colored sealer to match.

This is the area under the front sway bar mount. The area up front here originally had a darker red sealer than the rest of the underside of the car.

This is the bottom of the outer rocker panel showing a date stamping of May 25 (1965).  The "65" is the body code for a Coupe, which is the same outer rocker that is used on the code "63" Mustang Fastback.

Here is a shot of the rear brake hose mounting bracket (LH side of image) for the dual exhaust car.  The holes in the center are for the muffler hanger stud plate.  The indentation on the RH side of the image is for the brake hose bracket mount if this particular Mustang would have just had the single exhaust system.  Since this car is really a 1965 Mustang, you will note that there is no provision here for a seat belt mounting bolt/plate.  It would normally be located where that indentation is.

Here is a shot of the area above the rear axle housing.  That plate is unique for the Mustangs with the 9 inch rear end housings.

This area under the windshield weatherstripping was taped off to preserve some of the original Wimbledon White paint.  This may be a tough decision, because this white does not match the "typical" Wimbledon White that is normally seen...perhaps there were variations over the production time.

I just could not helping showing another shot of those cut outs at the interior quarter window on these early '66 GT350 Shelbys.  It would be interesting to see if this operation got neater as production progressed.

Original sound deadener on inside of quarter panel at brake ducting hole.

Interior shot of area under rear package tray / rear shock area.

1966 GT350 Shelby on rotisserie.

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James Bondo said...

Amazing attention to the detail. Great work!