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Jul 20, 2011

Vintage Film Footage from 1965-66 SCCA Race - Candlestick Park - San Francisco

I think that it is always cool to see vintage film footage of cars.  This one was forwarded to me by a buddy.  It was shot in San Francisco in the sixties of an SCCA race at Candlestick Park (Candlestick Point).  Of particular interest here are the GT350 Shelbys and Cobras.

This video was forwarded to Chuck Cantwell, who was the Project Manager for the GT350 at Shelby American at that time.  He made these comments:

That is really interesting footage. I was there for that race. The San Francisco Region paid several drivers/owners to come. That’s why we had Phil Hill in the Cobra and Ed Leslie in the first GT350 (5R002, which I had won the Willow Springs Nationals the week before in), besides jerry Titus in the GT350 (5R001, the second racer we built), and as well as Jim Hall in the Chaparral. That was a particularly dangerous course with electric poles along the course in places and some huge (10 ft. cube) concrete blocks outside the corners at another place. Two drivers died that weekend, one a McLaren which hit one of the poles, knocked down some wires and burst into flames. And Milt Minter rolled his Lotus Super 7. The E-Jag in the pics was Merle Brennan’s Huffaker Motors car from San Fran who finished 3rd in the division after Jim Adams in the Hollywood Tiger and Jerry Titus in the Shelby GT350. At Candlestick, Jerry finished 1st and Ed Leslie finished 2nd. Those photos were neat to see. Thanks for forwarding them.
Chuck Cantwell

Thanks so much to my buddy, Dave Redman for forwarding this video to me and to Chuck Cantwell for the great comments!!

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