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Oct 8, 2010

New!! Show Quality 65-66 and 67-68 Mustang Kick Panels

Almost every 65-68 Mustang needs new kick panels.  Those original plastic kick panels are almost always broken or cracked, particularly at one or more of the screw holes.

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the kick panels that we have been offering for many, many years.  We still like them, but the bar has been raised. 

We now handle a kick panel that is very difficult to distinguish from most originals.  If you are restoring a Mustang to a high level, or you just simply like to have the best for your car, you may want to check out these new kick panels.

The above image shows our "standard" 65-66 kick panels.  The grain in the plastic is a bit "tighter" than the original, but the new "Concours" version is correct.  The ridge in the kick panel is nice, but not exactly like the original.  See the below image for the correct ridge in the "Concours" version.

This image shows the detail of the new "Concours" 65-66 Model Mustang Kick Panel.  The ridge is shaped exactly like the original, and the grain of the plastic is "spot on."
  So, what is the difference?  Well, this Concours Kick Panels feature the exact molded-in ridge, contours, texture, grain and thickness as the originals.  The screw holes are even "reinforced" with molded plastic on the back side like the originals.  Note: The two factory hole locations are correct for late 65-66 . Earlier Mustangs had one additional hole.

Reinforced screw holes just like the original.

Here is another look at the detail.
You can find our complete selection of Mustang Kick Panels by clicking here.

The new Concours Quality Kick Panels are presently only available in Black for 65-66 Coupes & Fastbacks and 67-68 Coupes & Fastbacks.

Here are the links to find them on our Virginia Classic Mustang Online Parts Store:

ST-921BLK  65-66 Concours Black Coupe/FB Kick Panels

ST-941BLK  67-68 Concours Black Coupe/FB Kick Panels

Image showing the correct shaped ridge and the correct texture/grain of the 67-68 Mustang Kick Panel


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