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Jun 2, 2008

HiPo Mustang Convertible-Assembly Line Markings

Everyone always is interested in duplicating those factory assembly line markings. I think it is always best to duplicate what was on YOUR car if at all possible rather than copying another car. Anyway, here are some interesting ones from our '65 Convertible. These were written with a wax crayon type of marker on the radiator support. Over the years, the metal actually pitted where these markings were made, so they were easily duplicated during the first restoration over 25 years ago. Some of the letters and numbers are easily decoded. The "76A" designates a convertible with standard interior. The "3" is the exterior color, Poppy Red. The "D6" is white interior with black appointments. We are not really sure about the "Q63" or the "P7," and the little star is just interesting-not sure what that is all about.

The first picture shows our first restoration before we stripped the car this time. The second picture shows the support after it was stripped. The green color is the temporary primer, and the markings were just drawn with an ink marker to show up in the picture.

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